Double Standing Pile Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine

Key Specifications / Features

Model No. : YD-231106-OWKM-01

Explore the future of textile manufacturing with our Double Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine Factory. Our machines are meticulously designed to craft double standing pile fabrics of exceptional quality, setting new standards in the industry. Ideal for home textiles and garments, these fabrics seamlessly blend functionality with style.

Detail Information

Product: Double Standing Pile Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine
Diameter: 26 to 44 Inch 
Gauge: 16 - 32 Gauge
Feeder Quantity: 52F to 83F Feeder/Inch
Available Materials: Swimwear, tights, underwear, T-shirt, polo shirt, gym suit, sportswear, technical textiles, etc.

The Open Width Circular Knitting Machine utilizes gear design to maintain fabric integrity and facilitate easy cloth rolling. It features a safety shutdown function for incomplete cloth cutting. The cloth collection mechanism automatically rolls up fabric of various sizes, including smaller pieces. Equipped with a roller speed adjustment device, the cloth-cutting machine ensures consistent and stable fabric knitting tightness.

The machine can manufacture top-class fabric without any center crease over the entire fabric surface.

There is less cutting waste when further processing fabric is performed.

The production volume is high.

The Open Width Circular Knitting Machine includes all functions of double jersey machines and the characteristic of no folding mark of open width machines.


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