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We Make High Speed & Production Single, Double Jersey, Open-width Circular Knitting Machine and Jacquard Knitting Machine for Different Fabrics.

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Yuanda Knitting Machine Factory in China
Circular Knitting Machine Factory

We manufacture circular knitting machines incorporating advanced technology and utilizing durable materials to ensure exceptional quality and longevity.

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Circular knitting machine factory
Circular Knitting Machine Manufacturing

We Export and Directly Sell Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Open-width Circular Knitting Machines, and Jacquard Knitting Machines with High Precision and Stability.

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Circular knitting machine manufacturing
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We Offer Advanced Circular Knitting Machines, Designed with Cutting-edge Technology and Premium Materials to Provide You with the Best Knitting Experience Possible.

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High Quality, High Production, Competitive Price, Professional Team, Quality Warranty

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About Us

As a leading circular knitting machine manufacturer in China, We stand as a beacon of excellence in circular knitting machinery. Boasting a legacy spanning over two decades since its establishment in 2000, our CEO brings a wealth of expertise, accumulating more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Renowned for our commitment to quality, our factory harnesses exceptional processing techniques, ensuring that every circular knitting machine that rolls off our assembly lines is of the utmost caliber. We spare no expense in sourcing top-tier materials from esteemed suppliers in Taiwan, Japan, and Germany, further solidifying our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Our portfolio encompasses various Circular knitting machines, ranging from single jersey to double jersey and computer jacquard knitting machines. Clients can choose between open-width and cylinder configurations, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Why choose Our Knitting Machine?

Good quality

Quality comes from profession and profession comes from experience. YUANDA knows all about circular knitting machines and provides customized solutions driven by our experience, growing from fabric maker to machine manufacturer since 2010 in China.

Good technology and materials

Our product research and development level has been greatly upgraded through various technical cooperation with qualified Taiwanese enterprises and advanced foreign technology. We also use quality, advanced materials, and spare parts from Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

Advanced processing equipment

The advanced processing equipment is imported, such as CNC Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, and so on.

Large quantity

Yuanda has developed into a modern circular knitting machine manufacturer with a more than 12000 square meters factory in Xiamen, China. The annual production capacity is more than 1000 sets.

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About Us

We have been committed to manufacturing all types of circular knitting machines with great quality for a long time. Our professional team is highly specialized and problem-solving oriented. We put the most effort into meeting your knitting demands, achieving a win-win situation.

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NO.193, Xingqian Road, Jimei, Xiamen, China.